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We have a combined experience of over 60 years in this field, fundraising in many different countries and can draw on the best of professional practice and the latest research. It’s the ‘and’ that distinguishes our consulting approach. Recent projects have included:


  1. Appraising the international investment strategy of a major INGO.
  2. Assessing the fundraising potential of multiple fundraising markets around the globe.
  3. Conducting a detailed fundraising audit – i.e. an analysis of the performance of current fundraising practice and comparison with best practice and the latest evidence from research.
  4. Benchmarking the performance of different forms of fundraising.
  5. Developing a legacy/bequest strategy for a major international nonprofit.
  6. Determining the optimum communications strategy to maximize donor lifetime value.
  7. Modelling the determinants of donor lifetime value.
  8. Determining the impact on fundraising performance of the merger of two major national charities.
  9. Developing a strategy for the retention of high value donors.
  10. Analyzing fundraising complaint data to inform the development of a higher level of donor service.